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Joyce Gutierrez - Owner of Modern Creative Pursuits

Hi, I’m Joyce.

An ex 9-5’er turned full time creative, educator, and business coach.

A few years ago, I was in desperate need of a creative outlet from my tech and advertising job. After some trial and error - seriously I tried all the things including a crafting blog with my dog Pancake - I found calligraphy and became obsessed with all things lettering.

2015 brought on a layoff from that “stable” job life and it lit a fire in me. I knew my next job would be my last because I was no longer going to allow someone else to have a say in such a large part of my life - my income and livelihood. Plus, let’s be real - my day job was not my jam.

I started my business as a side hustle.

An Etsy shop, wedding calligraphy jobs, and logo design led me to teaching workshops, launching creative online courses, and coaching other creatives in starting their own businesses.

Turns out you can be paid for doing something you’re completely in love with - while helping other creatives build their own successful businesses.

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So, What Is Modern Creative Pursuits?

Being a Modern Creative means earning a living doing something you love.

It means trying new things and allowing yourself the space (and grace) to find an outlet for your creativity.

It means pursuing something that makes you feel like you’ve finally found a way to express yourself - whether that be calligraphy, painting, or another creative passion.


some ways we can work together:

A Few of My Favorite Things:


Rescue dogs


Malbec wine


Iced coffee


Say hello to “Pancake”, one of my rescue dogs!

My other rescue dog is named is “Bee”, so I named my LLC “Pancake and Bee” — true story.