5 Side Hustles You Can Start With Your Calligraphy Skills

The longer I handletter, the longer I notice that calligraphy is everywhere! And if you see something that doesn’t have calligraphy on it, well I bet you could add your script to it. Here are five side hustles you can start if you’re interested in turning your calligraphy hobby into a side hustle. You have to pay for #allthepens somehow right?

1. Day of Calligrapher

You can specialize in wedding signage. Think of welcome signs, ceremony schedules, bar menus, procession details, guestbook signs, gift bags, menus, seating charts and more. Chalkboards, cloth, mirrors, wood, acrylic - you letter on it all!

2. Greeting Card Maker

Bonus if you can doodle! If not - no worries. Your letters will still take center stage. Brush lettering or watercolors would be great for greeting cards, either handmade or printed in mass. They’re original and I’m sure better than anything at big chain card stores. You can offer customization too!

3. Wrapping Paper Designer

To go with #2, think about designing wrapping paper, and not just for the holidays! Birthdays and other special occasions need some wrapping paper love too. You can easily digitize then make a pattern of you saying in Photoshop and Illustrator and create something totally original.

4. Font Creator

For the longest time I’ve wanted to create my own font and handlettered fonts are super popular on online marketplaces like Creative Market. If you’ve ever had anyone say they wish they could write like you, well - direct them to your store and they can at least use your font.

5. Semi Custom Template Designer

Wedding suites, baby shower invites, logos - these are all things that you can handletter, digitize then create PDF templates for. By offering semi custom options, you keep the work to a minimum since you’ll only have to change details like the names, businesses or details. All other design elements only need to be designed once.

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