July 2017 Favorites

It’s not always lettering and biz over here. Ok most of the time it is, but I wanted to start a monthly post where I share some of my favorite things from the previous month. Sometimes there will be lettering things. Other times there won’t be. But hope you enjoy reading about some of my faves - and maybe you’ll want to check them out for yourself! Let’s get started!

Brush Pen Lettering by Grace Song

My friend Grace wrote a book guys! She wrote a book I wish I had when I picked up brush lettering years ago. Fun fact, Grace was actually one of the very first lettering accounts I started following on Instagram, before I even had Write Pretty Things. It’s full not only of how to’s, but also shows you how to troubleshoot as well as suggestions on fun projects to help you practice and improve.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn brush pen calligraphy but can’t make it to a workshop, I’d definitely recommend Grace’s book. You can purchase here.

Rothy’s Flats

I’m obsessed guys! I think I stumbled upon these in the black hole that is Pinterest, but I’m so glad I found them. I had a hard time choosing from hot pink (because obviously) and a camo print so I bought two. They’re so comfortable and I was sold on the fact at you can wash them in your washing machine!

Having spent years in tech (aka hoodies and sneakers daily) and now working for myself, heels just aren’t a part of my wardrobe anymore. Seriously, I think they’re all in storage. So these super comfy flats make me feel a little more put together. Check them out here.

Korean Skincare

I’ve been following a multistep skincare routine for years but I had to share some of my recent favorites.

Neogen Real Fresh Cleaning Stick in Green Tea The best cleanser for travel because it’s a solid. Once you arrive to your destination, just wet your face, apply and lather.

Huxley Secret of Sahara Cream This is more like a gel vs a cream. It’s lightweight like many Korean gel moisturizers, smells really fresh (weird way to describe a scent, but it does smell fresh) and the packaging - like all Korean beauty products is on point. I’m a sucker for packaging.

Nordstrom BP Sunglasses

I’m going through a sunglass phase. Maybe it’s because it’s summer? I do tend to wear sunnies year round so I like to mix it up. I found these guys at Nordstrom for less than $20 and they’re amazing dupes for Gentle Monsters.  I’ve been asked on IG and in person about them and people are so surprised at the price. Shop here.

Ok friends, there ya have it. Some of my favorites from July. I’m trying to mix up the lettering and business stuff with a little bit more… well life. So let me know what you think or if there’s anything you want me to cover below.