Lessons Learned In My First Year Of Business

June 2, 2017 - The day I'll always remember because I walked out of my 9-5 and left the industry that was never my jam.

I got into the advertising and tech worlds post college. When I was 23, living in New York City and debating between an assistant event planner role, a job in fashion (oh young Joyce, what a crazy idea that was), or a job in adtech - an industry that blends technology and advertising. One didn't offer health insurance (so obvi Mom strongly advised against) and one made me think I'd soon be pulling out someone's hair in front of NYFW. So adtech it was.

Fun fact though, I did attend NYFW one year because of a client. Got in anyway, take that fashion industry lol.

I was blessed to begin and end my career with people and teams I genuinely enjoyed working with (jobs and teams in the middle, not so much LOL).

I learned a ton and didn't realize how skills I developed over 9 years would actually be helpful in my self employment journey. I'm grateful for that, for the friendships and the random work trips that brought me to the other side of the world and back. But last June, I knew it was time to try out full time creativepreneurship.

It's been a long road from adtech & NYC to creative outlet & soul searching in California.

In this video, I share some lessons learned in my first year of full time self employment. I side hustled for about a year and a half before leaving my day job but last year - the 1st year of complete self employment - taught me so much.

Here's to the 2nd year and many many more.