New Direction for Write Pretty Things

When I became brave enough to even try teaching brush calligraphy, I had no idea how much I’d enjoy guiding others in their creative journeys.

I say I had no idea because I’m not a patient person. And my road rage is real haha. I thought I wouldn’t be great at explaining what the basic strokes are or wouldn’t be a great motivator. 

I didn’t want my workshop students to give up on something I knew they could fall in love with like I had, but how could I encourage and support them? I wasn’t sure I had it in me because frankly (and all my real life friends will tell you), I’m blunt. The tough love friend. But still, a friend.

So fast forward about 18 months since my first workshop and over 450 students later and I’ve found that I really REALLY enjoy teaching. More than that, I love guiding people in their creative journeys whether it’s for calligraphy, watercolor or starting their creative businesses.

I’ve focused solely on education for awhile via my online courses and workshops, but now I’m going to continue the education train with a bit of a pivot.

My new membership, Creative Biz Bootcamps, guides those who are just starting a creative business. It’s a fun/confusing/overwhelming time and I know without the guidance I received from courses and coaching, I wouldn’t have been able to leave my day job. CBB provides a clear step-by-step plan to start and grow your creative business.

And the completely new direction for Write Pretty Things? Well I’m also starting to coach other creatives who want to start their business.

EEK there it is people. Full time creative business ownership is so so possible and I’m 1000% being called to guide those who want to start a business. 

Because I know how it feels… 

  • to want to earn a living doing something you love

  • to hate your current job situation

  • to feel unfulfilled in your work

  • to know there’s something more

So, that’s the new thing. Write Pretty Things will continue to welcome students into artistic courses like Watercolor Bootcamp and Brush Calligraphy Bootcamp, but if you’ve fallen so deep in love with your art and want to build a business around something you love - Creative Biz Bootcamps or choosing me as your business guide is the next step for you.

If you want to learn more about how we can work together to grow your creative business, please book a complimentary discovery call. Can't wait to chat!