The one thing that grows my creative business...

It’s not an email list (although I love connecting with my peeps via email).

It’s not getting more Instagram followers (although I love my followers).

And it’s not having a detailed, weekly revenue spreadsheet (even though I love my sheet).

It’s having a big goal. One. I’m talking lifetime-legacy-leaving-type goals.

Personally, that’s starting a dog rescue organization. But how does this help my current creative business?

It helps me focus

If whatever project I’m personally working on doesn’t somehow bring me at least a bit closer to reaching my goal, what is the point? I don’t want to do busy work for the sake of being busy. I want the work I do to matter.

If I want to grow my business so the majority of my revenue is passive and automated, so that I can start a dog rescue ranch (big goal), will spending hours a day on Pinterest really help? Maybe, maybe not. If anything, I’d outsource that work and make sure the work that I’m personally doing is something that scales revenue directly vs an admin task.

It gives meaning to what I’m doing now

If you don’t have some huge, scary goal - earning a million dollars in revenue while working on your biz part time, paying off your parents’ mortgage, setting an example for your children that the 9 to 5 life isn’t the only way, to be the 1st X who does Y, to start a non-profit - what are you working for?

Having that big goal, that might take a few years to reach, at the end of the “tunnel” makes the work I’m going now more meaningful and kind of like stepping stones to the larger goal.

It keeps me going

Working for yourself is hard. Owning a business is hard. Would I trade it for a nine-to-five? NO (yes in all caps), but some days I want to Netflix all day and put off all the tasks. Sometimes I want those days to turn into weeks. Just being real.

But once I remember that big goal, if it’s scary enough but also means enough, I stop my couch potato ways.

My big goal is well, bigger than me. Bigger than my 2019 revenue goals. It’s about impacting more people (and more animals) and once I remember that, I no longer want to Netflix all day.

So yes, having one big goal gets me focused, prioritizes my tasks as well a my business focus, makes me see the larger picture and gives me the kick in the ass I need when I want to throw in the towel (at least for a little while).

Think about the big goal you want in life - it doesn’t have to be tied to your current business - and see how that helps you in your creative biz.

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