3 Ways to Overcome Your Fears & Start a Creative Business

Straight up - from an ex-side hustler turned full time creativepreneur - starting a business based on your passion or craft is scary. Hell, any business you call your own is scary. We creatives also have the added layers of comparison, perfectionism and dealing with imposter syndrome.

Still with me?

Because even with that mess, you can still start a creative business and be successful at it - whatever success means for you. Getting over the fear and taking action is when the hard work starts.

And that my friend - is also when the fun and freedom start.

But how do you get over the fear of starting your own creative biz? Here are my 3 tips:

#1 Have a Revenue Plan

Anyone can say they want to be their own boss, but without any revenue goals to work towards or steps in place, you’re likely not going to hit your revenue goals… because you didn’t create any goals.

How can you know what you’re working towards or how far/close you are?

So what’s your first step? Figure out how much you want to earn. How much do you want to bring home from your business? Then take into account saving for taxes and any costs associated with your product or service.

You’re basically working backwards. If you want to take home $500 a month but you also want to save 20% for taxes, that means you should aim to earn $600 a month gross. What about supplies? They cost you $100 a month and your G Suite + Website cost you $20. So now you need to earn $720 gross a month.

I know that might seem scary and big right now, but it’s better for your business to have a goal in mind so you can get to work towards reaching it.

#2 Get Support

Creative biz ownership makes you feel all the feels: fear, joy, overwhelm and a hundred more. But fear is the one emotion that really stops people from starting or growing.

But a system of cheerleaders is key in getting out of your head and into taking action.

Some of us are lucky to have in person support from family and friends - even if they don’t quite understand the whole online creative business space. Some of us aren’t as lucky to have in person support, but that doesn’t mean you have to go at it alone.

While I have supportive friends and family, they don’t quite get it. So I found my tribe online. They’re the ones I turn to when I’m scared or confused. They’re the people who get me when I’m terrified to change my business model or a tech issue happens. They get me and support me.

Frankly, I think there’s always a little fear when owning your own biz. When you share something personal. When you change your name or offering. When you ask people to purchase from you, sign up for something or invest in you. Having a group of other creativepreneurs to talk to, brainstorm with and support you will ease those fears. Create genuine connections and relationships with other creatives either online or in person and you won’t go through anything alone in your business.

MCP_Opt-in-Mockup (1).png


#3 Take Action

This might be the hardest tip to follow. I think beginner creative biz owners use the excuses of market research or education as a way to avoid just starting because they’re fearful.

Yes, I’m a huge believer in educating yourself in order to continue upleveling your biz, but at some point you just have to start.

You. Just. Have. To. Start.

You can start a creative business in less than a year. You can start it on the side while you have a full time job. There will never be a perfect time to do anything, but every month or year that passes is honestly wasted.

In addition to the revenue plan, create a launch plan. Work backwards from your dream quit date if you have to. I seriously told myself in March 2017 that I wasn’t going to reach my next birthday (in August) and still be at my day job. Throwing that date out there made quitting and working for myself more real to me.

I created an Excel countdown (titled Countdown to Freedom) and started planning AND taking action in the evenings and weekends. I calculated how much I needed for personal expenses and business expenses. I found a part time job for 6 months so I could ease into no longer having a regular 9-5. But it all started by deciding on my quit date/creativepreneur start date and taking action.

So there you have it creativepreneur friend - my 3 tips to push past those fears that keep you back from starting your biz. Tell me how you’re going to conquer your fears and start/grow your business in the comments below.


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