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Here’s what I know →

When you own a creative biz, it’s not just about brushes, nibs, and art all day, every day.

Every single day, you’re figuring out how to get more leads and how to get more eyeballs on your business… all while making the most of the limited time you have - because day job, dog (or human) mom-ing, and life.

It feels like you’re doing tasks for the sake of doing tasks, but you’re not sure it’s actually making a difference.

owning a successful creative biz is your goal - but you crave accountability, guidance and people who get you and your vision.


what if you had...
  • A Community
    A circle of female entrepreneurs who understand how hard it is, but also how rewarding. Stop going at this alone when you don't have to.
  • Guidance
    Trainings that move the needle in your business, plus support from your coach and guest experts. No be longer be confused about what you need to do as a creative business owner.
  • Accountability
    Imagine actually crossing things off your to do list - and even better, those things are moving your business forward.

So All the things you’re confused - or (cough) scared about? We’re going to face it together.


Introducing Creative Biz Circle

A membership for creative entrepreneurs who want to go through this crazy business journey with a group of fellow creatives on thier side.

Get the support you’re searching for & receive guidance that will grow your business.

  • Live monthly trainings with Joyce

  • Live guest expert trainings

  • A monthly group Q+A session

  • Quarterly goal planning parties

  • Biz Foundation Trainings - which help you get clear on your goals + exactly how you’ll get there

  • All recordings of previous trainings as long as you’re a member

  • A community of fellow creatives who are starting + scaling their business

  • Hot seat coaching calls

  • Daily accountability

Members also receive my Creative Biz Blueprint that outlines exactly what you need to do each day/week/month for business growth and the Sales + Marketing Roadmap sharing more than 20 ways to sell and promote your biz.

build a foundation. take action. find your circle.

Upcoming Training Schedule:

AKA JUST SOME OF WHAT YOU'LL LEARN in the next few months!

  • Getting your first sale or lead
  • All the tech you need for biz growth
  • Goal setting for your best 90 days
  • Using Instagram for business growth
  • Create your 6 month revenue plan
  • Start + grow your email list
  • Email marketing + getting leads while you sleep
  • Online courses 101
  • Almost passive sales: Earn while you walk your dogs
  • Productivity hacks for side hustlers
  • Your client's experience + generating more sales
  • How to pitch your services/products in a way that feels good
  • Effective collaborations for business growth
  • Contracts 101
  • Finances for creative entrepreneurs
  • Creative mindset + overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Building a website that brings more leads
  • And so much more...

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This is more than a monthly membership. This is a way for you to finally take the right action, learn what you need as the owner of a creative business, and to get the support + feedback you crave.

  • Having a group of creative biz friends who you can connect and collaborate with.
  • Having a strategy and action plan in place to reach your goals.
  • Receiving personalized feedback for your business.
  • Being able to confidently sell your services and products.
  • Figuring out how to earn almost passive income.
  • Knowing exactly what to do to grow your creative biz.
  • Becoming a stay at home dogmom, growing your side hustle into your full-time, or owning a profitable creative business.

BECAUSE You have two choices.

Continue to be overwhelmed, stuck, and doing for the sake of doing.

Or know exactly what your next step is, and the step after that, so you can turn your that dream creative biz into reality sooner rather than never.



When does the membership start and finish?

As soon as you join! You'll receive instructions on how to join the member only community - which is where all past trainings live and where we'll have future trainings.

Do I need to be in business for a certain amount of time?

Nope. Whether you're about to start a biz, or have been side-hustling for awhile, Circle is filled with valuable content your can begin to implement in your business.

How will the trainings be delivered?

All past and future trainings will happen in our members only community inside Facebook. Training invites, recordings, daily interactions and advice - it all happens in FB.

How often are trainings?

Typically the first week of the month will be when we have trainings, the second week will be for live group Q+A coaching calls, the 3rd week will be for hot seat coaching calls and the 4th week will be for implementation of all the things you learned over the month.

WHAT IF I CAN'T MAKE IT TO THE trainings and coaching sessions?

That's ok! All trainings are recorded and you'll be able to view the the replays in the community.

WHAT IF I want to cancel my membership?

If you subscribed to a membership option with a monthly recurring payment plan, any cancellations will take effect for the next subscription term (ie. if you signed up for 12 months and want to cancel, your cancellation will take effect after the 12 monthly payments.)

If you've paid in full for your membership term, your cancellation will not receive a refund, but you will have access to all past trainings as well as any future trainings that occur while you're a member.

Just email us 30 days prior to your next billing date.


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